Web Operations from experts.

Application Management

At Rails Machine we manage applications to support great uptime, maintainability, and easy scaling.

Performance Monitoring

We worry about your applications so you don't have to. All accounts include application and system monitoring. And free New Relic Standard!

Tuning and Optimization

From Ruby on Rails to MySQL, we can help make your applications run faster and more efficiently. When you run into any performance issues, we're here to help.

Application Support

Our team of engineers provides support for urgent issues, with an immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Backups and Redundancy

We maintain daily backups and weekly off-site backups of every application and server, preserving them for at least 7 days. We can also customize backups for your business need.

Automated Management

It's our mission to make configuration management and application deployment easy by creating open source technology like Moonshine .