Data Center Updates

Written By : Bradley Taylor

May 12, 2007

We’ve been very busy with upgrading our data center facilities and I would like to share some of the excitement of the past month.

Last week we installed a new cabinet at Internap in Atlanta. In addition to our typical hosting servers, we’ve installed a few units from Coraid and hardware load balancers from Coyote Point. This week we’ve been working on a six server cluster for one of EastMedia’s clients as well as deploying orders for the Xen Machine special that I announced a few weeks ago.

In few days, I’ll be adding a new plan that features a redundant configuration of virtual servers with hardware load balancing and shared SAN storage. This plan will start at $450/month for two 1GB servers at Internap.

At the AtlantaNAP, we added a third cabinet for new servers. We recently placed an order for a 200 sqft private cage. This cage will provide us a more controlled working environment and lots of room to grow. We will begin installing racks shortly.

This new space will support our new yet-to-be announced Xen Machine plans (dedicated server running Xen) for those that like the power of Xen, but need dedicated hardware resources for your virtual clusters.

Please let me know if you have any questions.