Ubuntu Live Update

Written By : Bradley Taylor

July 24, 2007

My talk on deploying Rails on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn had a good turnout. Given the size of the conference, it was great to see the number of people interested in Rails. I also had some nice discussions with folks from Canonical about Rails support in Ubuntu. I really apprieciate their enthusiasm about the future of Ubuntu server and look forward to rolling out some virtual servers shortly.

On Sunday, I was was able to spend a few minutes with Luke Kanies and spoke with him about Puppet. I think there are some interesting possibilities on how we could integrate Puppet into our default virtual machine images to provide easy access for customers to recipes for different kinds of common installs like mod_dav_svn, Trac, PHP, etc. Stay tuned for more in this area.

Tonight I’ll head over to FOSCON presented by PDX.rb.