RubyConf and Hosting Special

Written By : Bradley Taylor

November 01, 2007

In a few hours, Rob and I will be headed to Charlotte for RubyConf. If you are going to be there, please email us so I can give you updates on special events (free beer) and a customer appreciation dinner on Saturday night. We should arrive around 7pm if anyone wants to meet for drinks later tonight.

In honor of RubyConf, I’m going to run a special on hosting plans with dedicated cpu cores on my new 8-core Xeon servers.

1 dedicated cpu core, 1gb memory, 50GB RAID 10 storage, 125GB transfer, 1-4 virtual servers. Regularly: $250/month + $250/setup.

Special: $2500/year + $250/setup. Save $500!

2 dedicated cpu cores, 2gb memory, 100GB RAID 10 storage, 250GB transfer, 1-8 virtual servers. Regularly: $350/month + $350/setup.

Special: $3500/year + $350/setup. Save $700!!

4 dedicated cpu cores, 4gb memory, 200GB RAID 10 storage, 500GB transfer, 1-10 virtual servers. Regularly: $550/month + $550/setup.

Special: $5500/year + $550/setup. Save $1100!!!!

These specials end Sunday night! Please contact me for more information.