gem update railsmachine

Written By : Bradley Taylor

November 03, 2007

The railsmachine gem has been updated for Capistrano 2 compatibility. Better late than never, right?

Not much has changed but the use of namespaces. The typical deployment will look like this:

capify . railsmachine -A . -n yourapp -d cap repos:setup cd ..\yourapp_machine cap servers:setup deploy:cold</pre>

You can find more details on our support page.

Upgrading? Run the first two commands above, and commit your changes. If you have hooked tasks, you’ll also need to update those. A task like this:

`task :after_deploy, :roles =&gt; :app do`

    1. …  

might become this:

`namespace :custom do task :update, :roles =&gt; :app do`

    2. …  


after :deploy, 'custom:update'