Moonshine: Now with Ruby 1.9

Written By : Rails Machine Operations Team

September 12, 2011

We’re proud to announce the official release of Ruby 1.9 support in Moonshine. This update has been several months coming as we thoroughly tested a number of different configurations to make sure the release was rock solid. We’d like to thank everyone on the Moonshine Mailing List for their added input as well.

This support is mainly geared towards new applications using Ruby 1.9.2, but we do support upgrading from Ruby 1.8.6 or Ruby 1.8.7. If you’re running stable on Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7, we do recommend you continue to use REE unless you have any strict requirement to use Ruby 1.9.2 — in our experience, Rails still performs better under 1.8.7 (though this may change when 1.9.3 comes out).

That said, upgrading is a pretty simple experience.

New Deploy

Make sure your Ruby version in config/moonshine.yml is set to ‘src192’. That’s it!


Upgrading your existing Moonshine application to use Ruby 1.9.2 is simple enough, assuming it’s already working locally on your development machine on 1.9.2.

First, update your version of Moonshine:

# Rails 2
script/plugin install git:// --force
# Rails 3
rails plugin install git:// --force

Next, update your Ruby version in the Moonshine config:

# config/moonshine.yml
:ruby: src192

Now upgrade Ruby:

cap ruby:upgrade

Finally, re-deploy to make sure everything’s up-to-date:

cap deploy

We recommend anyone performing this upgrade do so on their staging server first just to make sure no surprise show-stoppers in production.

Going Forward

Now that we have base Ruby 1.9 support in Moonshine itself we’ll be making sure all the Moonshine plugins we provide are 1.9 compatible as well in the coming months.

If you encounter any issues with Moonshine and Ruby 1.9, or any of the Moonshine plugins we provide and Ruby 1.9, please file issues on GitHub.