Growing the Team

Written By : Bradley Taylor

December 14, 2011

When I started working on Rails Machine over six years ago, all of my thoughts were about the technology, solution, and who our customers are. During that time with my head down to get to launch, I never thought about what a team would look like and how it would change over time. Most aspects of running a business can be fairly well understood going into it. If you have a good solution or product, most tech companies are fortunate that making money is not the greatest challenge, but rather building and growing a team.

With this in mind, I’ve been a little tardy with making some joyful welcomes and sad farewells to our team. In the past few months, Jesse Newland and Lee Jones have turned in their tools and moved on. We’ve enjoyed our time with them and wish them well in their new adventures. We’ll miss their smiling faces around the office.

With great joy, I’d like to announce two amazing hires that have plugged right into the Machine over the past few months. First to join us was Travis Graham as cloud operations engineer. Travis comes to us with several years experience working in data centers and managed services. With his skills in hardware, operations, and Ruby, Travis is the Keeper of the Cloud.

Our next exciting hire is Ernie Miller as Lead Solutions Architect. Ernie comes to us with 15 years of development experience and most recently served as Senior Architect at Mission Data. He is deeply involved with the Ruby on Rails community as author of several ActiveRecord related gems and a contributor to Rails core. This background makes Ernie distinctly qualified to listen, evaluate, and propose solutions for our customers as their web applications go big.

Although these two fine gentlemen do the work of giants, we’re not done hiring! We’re looking for Rails developers interested in pursuing an exciting (no, seriously) career in our special brand of DevOps that we call RailsOps. Please see the this job description for more details.

2011 was a great year for us and I look forward to 2012 bringing more great success with new team members and continuing to help our customers succeed.