Iced Lattes and a Campfire Bot

Written By : Steven Scarborough

June 04, 2012

In an earlier post, Josh wrote about downloading, installing, and running a Campfire bot to make your day more productive and lot more hilarious. Today, we’re going to show you how we use our robot, Claptrap, for motivating us to quench our thirst of frothy and delicious iced lattes.

All the wonderful details for installing and putting the iced-coffee- script to good use can be found on GitHub. It uses, another product from the productive Josh Nichols, to find your location and let you know if it’s warm enough outside to have that afternoon latte on ice, because sometimes you need a bit of motivation.

Now on to the good stuff, our Campfire bot double iced latte.

Items you’ll need: Milk, Espresso, Ice, and a Cocktail Shaker.

Step 1. Pull that espresso. (We use Cup to Cup, wink, wink.)

Step 2. Pour the milk over the ice in the cocktail shaker

Step 3. Add the espresso shots to the mix

Step 4. Shake it like James Bond

Step 5. Pour the contents into a container of your choice

Step 6. Enjoy and thank your Campfire bot for the motivation

Have a question about our Campfire bot? Put them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.