Open Office Hours

Written By : Steven Scarborough

June 29, 2012

Come hang with us! We are excited to announce our new Open Office Hours in July where you can ask anything you want about our open source products, like Moonshine for example, advice on how to be ready when you end up on the homepage of Reddit, or why we do the things we do.

Open Office Hours will be held Thursday, July 12th at 2pm through a Google Hangout, spots are limited to 9 people, but you will still be able to view the hangout. You can also participate via Twitter using the #oohrm hashtag to send us questions and comments.

We hope that you’ll join us. We look forward to meeting everyone and making the web a better place.

Open Office Hours

Thursday, July 12th

You’ll need a Google Plus account to join in the fun, add us to your circles via the Google Badge below.