A New Machine

Written By : Steven Scarborough

August 14, 2012

It’s that time of year again. Kids are being shuffled back to school after what was hopefully a long and eventful Summer break. Parents are adjusting their morning routines by packing pencils, paper, and lunches – or is it iPads and styluses – into backpacks to begin hitting the road to do battle with the other sleep deprived parents, or maybe they’re exploring plans for a new Fall season of experiments, internal apps, traveling, rebranding, redesigning, reducing, and ping pong tournaments? Because that’s how Rails Machine plans to spend the rest of this year, by improving all the things.

And when I say all the things, I mean all the things. We’ve looked at everything from how we can become more efficient and productive in our efforts to complete customer requests to how we can increase our output and support for our open source deployment tool, Moonshine. We’ve looked at how we can improve the capacity and speed of our servers while reducing our energy consumption. We’re going to be including more automation in our daily tasks and we’re even sending members of our team out on the road to talk about some of the great things we have in the works.

The best part, our customers are going to benefit the most of all from our internal tinkering. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and roll out the new machine.