Adobe's Source Code Pro

Written By : Steven Scarborough

September 25, 2012

Source Code Pro, A new monospaced font to help cure those tired eyes.

Yesterday, Paul D. Hunt, announced that Adobe was releasing the open sourced monospace font, Source Code Pro. (Adobe announced a lot of new, exciting things yesterday.) And today, the entire Rails Machine team updated their text editor preferences to take full advantage of the pretty.

Source Code Pro seeks to remove the “monotonous rhythm” that seems to pervade many monospaced fonts by relying on the clarity of Adobe’s Source Sans Pro. It ships as a family with six different weights, we used regular in our text editors, and really makes a difference when used in Terminal. Read about the insight that went into Adobe’s first open source font family and then head on over to Source Forge to get started. I put it to use on the Rails Machine site via Google Web Fonts earlier this morning and it’s looking great: