Summer Update

Written By : Dustin Beason

June 29, 2017

Hey Gang!

Just wanted to take a few moments to share some of the exciting things happening over here at Rails Machine! And we’re just getting started for the summer! More updates coming soon!

New Team Members!

Over the last few months we’ve welcomed two additional members to our outstanding support team! Katherine McFall and Nick Kelley! And let me tell you, they’ve been GREAT, and cant wait to work alongside you and your team! Existing customers will likely be working with them soon as they jump in the support mix to help out with day-to-day requests, and helping to keep your applications operating at peak performance! You can check out more about Katherine, Nick, and the rest of our team here!

New Partnership!

We’re very excited about our all new partnership with Scout Application Monitoring. In addition to their already great Application Monitoring, Rails Machine will be working directly with the Scout APM team to create Intelligent Alerting. Basically, Scout would detect an abnormal behavior, analyze many metrics to help narrow down possible causes, and include that information in your dashboards and alerts. You’ll be able to narrow down and resolve problems that arise in your application even faster! And its FREE!

New Infrastructure Offerings!

We’ve built an all new updated Infrastructure in our Atlanta Data Center, and are working towards opening an additional west coast Data Center soon! Brand new blazing fast server clusters, private 10G networking, rock bottom hardware pricing, and redundancy built in from top to bottom! We can setup, deploy, manage, and monitor your applications better than ever!

If your team prefers that your application be hosted on the cloud provider of your choice, don’t worry, we can help with that too! We’ve added DevOps support for all major cloud providers, and can get your application configured, deployed, managed, and monitored wherever you need to be!

Whether you want a traditional Highly Available architecture on Virtual Machines, your own private Kubernetes setup, or a hybrid environment customized to your needs, we’ve got all the resources and experience to help build out your infrastructure, and provide the support you need!

Want to talk to us about these options? Have a custom request you want to discuss? Existing customers can submit a support ticket at! New Customers can reach out to us here, or click “Chat with us!” on

Summer Hardware Special!

Besides the rock bottom pricing on our new Infrastructure, we’re also running some awesome deals on upgraded clusters in our existing infrastructure! If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade, or just want to see how much you could save by migrating into our data center, lets talk! We can schedule an infrastructure evaluation, discuss your goals, compare options, and give you all the information needed to help make the best decision for your applications!