How Support Works

Standard Support

All Rails Machine customers enjoy free and unlimited Standard Support. Standard Support includes:

  • Restarting your server.
  • Restarting any part of the Rails default stack.
  • Ask Me Anything Email and Business Hours Chatroom Support.

Ask Me Anything Support

You have questions, we have answers. We have deployed and managed hundreds of Rails applications, and can help get you on the right path. Here's a sample of the kinds of questions we're happy to field:

  • We're expecting an increase in traffic soon. How can we be prepared for it?
  • I'm seeing an error deploying that's causing a rollback. What can I do to get fixed up and deploying again?
  • We want to add custom monitoring to one of our services. What do you recommend?
  • We'd like to add search to our application. Do you have any recommendations for what to use on the backend?

Custom Support

Sometimes you need more than Ask Me Anything support. For times like this, we're available to bring our team's Rails deployment and operations expertise to bear for more hands-on support. Here are just a few examples of services we can provide as Custom Support:

  • Performance tuning MySQL.
  • Transitioning to Multi-Server Full High Availability Environment.
  • Configuring Off-Site Backups or Database Replication.
  • Installing and configuring an Elasticsearch server or cluster and plugins.
  • Installing and configuring sphinx, memcached, redis, etc on your servers.
  • Setting up performance monitoring, reviewing results, and recommending improvements.
  • Performing root cause analysis and recommending preventative solutions.

Custom Support is billed at $150/hour. It has a 30 minute minimum and is billed in 15 minute increments. Depending on the scope of the work, Custom Support is typically completed within 1 business day depending on our schedule. You will definitely receive a reply within 24 hours letting you know when we expect to be able to complete your work and a rough estimate of the time needed. If you require less than 1 business day turnaround, we offer Urgent Support.

Urgent Support

Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for Urgent Support. Upon recieving a request for Urgent Support, our automated systems will page an on-call engineer. This engineer will respond to your request within 15 minutes, and begin working immediately.

How much does it cost?

Urgent Support to reboot a server that has become unavailable via SSH is always free. Any other Urgent Support is billed at $250/hour in increments of 1 hour. We will always confirm with you before we perform any work as Urgent Support unless you explicitly request it.

You can submit URGENT support requests at this page.

Support Hours

Normal Business Hours: are Monday through Friday 8am-8pm (Eastern time zone, GMT -5), exclusive of U.S. Holidays. This means that you if you submit a ticket during Normal Business Hours, it will be responded to within One Business Day.

After Hours: is any time outside the Normal Business Hours range and U.S. Holidays. This includes Monday through Friday 8pm-8am (Eastern time zone, GMT -5) and all day Saturday and Sunday. Non-urgent tickets submitted during this time will addressed by the end of the Next Business Day.